Jun 19, 2014
Welcome to My Bakery. We are opening a new branch in Texas. Please do spread the word.
Jun 15, 2014
We are making some awesome changes to our Texas Bakery. Stay Tuned!



Holiday and Special Event Reminders. We strive to provide unique products and gift items for each holiday, as well as offering gift certificates to allow your gift recipients to pick their own high quality pastries and baked goods. The following list are but a few of the many holiday treats we create throughout the year for your enjoyment!

New Year's. We prepare a special New Year's Pretzel or Neujahrspretzel which is traditional in Germany.

Easter Traditional Hot Cross Buns are available.

Graduation Celebrations. We will design and prepare special cakes for this event.

Thanksgiving. We prepare a variety of traditional pies/cakes, platters of cookies or small desserts for your annual feast.



Rates for December 2014
Minimum Order ($10)
Small/Medium Cakes FREE
Large Cakes Starts From $2
Breads From $2 Onwards
Pastries From $2 Onwards
Confectionary Please Call Us For Rates
Please see our store timings for pick-ups

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