What about hosting for my website?
Your website is automatically hosted with us. You get 100 MB of disk space and 10 GB of premium bandwidth every month which should allow around 40000 visitors to your site every month. There is no additional fee for hosting
How do I manage my site? What if I need to change anything
You will manage your website via your member control panel. All content can be added,edited and deleted via the control panel and a HTML editor. Please view our demo to get a feel of the control panel.
What in case of data loss?
Your website data is backed up every day automatically. So in case you accidently delete or misplace content you can always be sure that your website will be back up and running smoothly in a short time. We also have a manual backup system in the member panel. It is recommended that you backup your files atleast once a week
Can I host my website somewhere else?
Unfortunately no. To provide you with best security and service your site will be hosted with us.
I have no control over my domain. What do I do?
Read our shifting page to understand how to gain control over your domain and do the transfer
I dont need certain features
No problem. You can enable/disable features via the control panel
What are the payment options?
We accept paypal and credit card payments (via Paypal)

How long has 10dollarsite been in business?
We are online and open for business since January 2014
Does the $10 price tag come with a catch or hidden costs?
The $10 price tag is all inclusive. We believe in being upright honest with our business and giving the best service possible at the best possible price
I dont like the design. What do I do?
We create designs taking client input and type of business but in case the design is not to the liking of the client, most of the times we will revise it. However you can expect the design to be to your liking.
I already have a number of pages designed on my existing website. What would happen to them?
In case you already have pages on your existing website, we will professionally redesign upto 5 of those pages specified by you taking your existing content. All other content can be designed and carried over by you in around 1-2 hours via our HTML editor
What about future upgrades and updates?
Updates and upgrades are auto installed via your control panel and you will be notified about it. You can then enable and disable them via the control panel according to your preference. All upgrades are free
Can I sell products through my site?
Yes. With our integrated shopping cart solution you may sell your products and services. We also have an inbuilt affiliate system to help you sell your products
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